Frequently Asked Questions


I already have an account - how can I place an order?
If you already have an account with Heaven Scent, your details should already be uploaded to the website. An email should have been sent to you with your login details, if you haven't received one please contact our sales team on 01225 868788. You will then be able to place an order. If your account is proforma-based we will send you a sales order for pre-payment - depending on the lead time we may ask for payment straight away, or when we are ready to work on your order?

What is the minimum order quantity?
If you require your own label design we require a minimum order of £250 before VAT. Goods on non-sample orders are to be ordered in multiples of 6’s per product, per aroma (i.e. 6 x Lavender 9cl candles, 12 x Relaxing hand creams).

What is the lead time?
Our lead time on bespoke labelled products varies depending on the time of year but are typically 4-8 weeks - please expect the run up to Christmas to have longer than usual lead times. We process orders in date order from the date that you place your actual order. (Please note that our lead times given can only be estimated and can sometimes change).

If you need come stock to fill gaps on your shelves while you wait for your bespoke order, we have created Heaven Scent Collections. These products are branded with Heaven Scent labels and boxes and are typically available within 2 weeks of ordering.



How much are carriage costs?
Carriage is free for England, Wales and most parts of mainland Scotland. For orders over £350 before VAT - orders that are sent further afield and across water are subject to carriage costs, local import taxes and duty if applicable. We will always aim to find the most cost effective and safest courier to send your order. Orders below £350 net in England, Wales and most parts of Scotland will be subject to costs of £8.95 per box. For more information, please visit our Shipping & Returns page.


Candles, Reed Diffusers & Body Products



Why do some of my candles look like they’ve come away from the side of the glass?
This is known as pull away and is perfectly normal and happens due to the natural ingredients we use in our candles. When the candles and glass get cold, the wax will move a tiny fraction away from the side of the glass - the refraction of light on the glass’s surface can make it look as if there is a big void; there isn’t, it’s a trick of the light. Once the glass and wax warm up the candle will move to fill the glass again.


This can happen to all natural candles, regardless of brand - our wax being hydrogenated and of vegetable origin is a ’live’ product and moves with heat variations. If this is something you’d rather not see in your candles we recommend you order the black or white glass. However, we hope the health benefits of using natural plant waxes, as opposed to paraffin wax, far outweighs the occasional visual flaw.


Where are your products made?
All our poured candles, reed diffusers, incense and soaps are made in our sustainable factory in the heart of Wiltshire. Our pillar candles are currently made in our Malaysian factory.

How long do your candles burn for?
In the listing of each of the candles you'll find the burn times.

Can I order samples?
Yes, if you would like samples they are chargeable. Normally for sample aromas, we send out our Travel Tins at a price of £2.50-£2.75 each plus carriage. All other sample requests are charged at the full brochure price. (Samples can be ordered singly and not in 6’s). Please email to request samples.


How should I store candles?
When planning your candle display, ensure the position is out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature fluctuations which may affect the finish and burn qualities. If candles become too hot the wax may melt, and conversely if they are subject to freezing temperatures the wax may take on moisture causing swelling.


Are your candles made with natural wax?
We use natural plant waxes (soy, rapeseed and coconut) for candles poured in glass and wax melts. Our ingredients are as natural as possible, with no parabens, sulphates or harsh chemicals ensuring our candles burn cleanly with no sooty deposits.

Can I have printed glass for my candles?
We use a third-party company for this, we are happy to manage this for you, please note it will incur extra charges and minimum order quantities of at least 500 pieces per sku. Proofs must be paid for and samples approved prior to printing. Please email our sales team on for more details. 

Can I send in my own glass or other vessels to be turned into candles and/or reed diffusers?
Yes you can send in your own vessels for us to pour into. They must be suitable, for example: stable, watertight, able to cope with the heat and they need to have no air bubbles or imperfections as this can affect the safety of the vessels when burning the candle. We will need to have 2 samples of each of your vessels to test the best wicks and weigh the wax and oil for your pricing. Minimum order quantities apply, please email our sales team on for more details.

How long do the reed diffusers last?
Our reed diffuser liquid is vegetable oil based, the 100ml size will scent your room for up to 6 months, dependent on room temperature leading to variations in evaporation rate. Our reed diffusers last much longer than alcohol-based reed diffusers which evaporate quickly.

What's the difference between essential and fragrance oils?
Essential oils contain only naturally sourced compounds, fragrance oils are a designed mixture of natural and synthetic (manmade) perfume.

Are your products vegan?
All of our candles in glass are vegan friendly. Our reed base ingredients are from a vegetable source but not certified vegan as it is prepared in a factory where non-vegan products are made at other times.
We do use honey and beeswax in some of our Bath and Body Products, again the natural ingredients are not tested on animals. 

Is your glass recycled?
Our clear glass for candles is made using some recycled glass, and can be fully recycled.

Are your boxes recycled?
Our box board is all FSC certified or equivalent and are fully recyclable.

What are your wicks made of?
We use cotton wicks with a paper core. There are no plastics or metallic elements.

Can I have printed boxes for my products?
We use a third-party company for this, we are happy to manage this for you, please note this will incur extra charges and minimum order quantities.

Can I send in my own oil to be mixed in candles and reed diffusers?
Yes that is absolutely fine. We would need to have a copy of the Safety Data Sheets with specific percentages (rather than banding), an allergens list and IFRA statement to IFRA49 spec. Our technical team will then be able to work on safety data for final formulations, safe levels of inclusion in products and CLP conformity of your oils. Please email our sales team on for more details

Are your products tested on animals?
We do not use ingredients that are tested on animals. 



How do I pay?
You can make your payment by debit/credit card (over the phone 01225 868788 OPTION 2 Accounts) or by Bank Transfer to
Heaven Scent Incense Ltd
Account number 66118662
Sort Code 60-21-36.
Quoting your Account ref code and Invoice/Sales Order number.

Can I change my payment terms?
All first and subsequent orders are a proforma/sales order basis. If you would like to set up 30-day payment terms, we require two favourable trade references.



How do I cancel my order?
Please call or email our customer services team ( (01225 868766) - please note, if we have started on your order (printing your labels and/or pouring your candles) you may be charged a fee.

How do I report a damaged or missing item?
Please call or email our dispatch team ( within 72 hours of your order arriving.