Heaven Scent Own Label and Branding for Candles and Products 

We have over 25 years' experience creating beautiful bespoke products and labels for wholesale businesses big and small. Whether you're ordering candles, reed diffusers, incense or any other products on our website, our talented label team will work closely with you to create bespoke labels so that your products look like your own brand. Alternatively, we can also offer a range of four Heaven Scent branded labels (pictured above) for all products. You have the option to chose your labels on each product choice - we recommend that you keep to the same label type for all products. 

If you would like to take advantage of our free bespoke label service, send us your business logo, font and colour requirements and your designated designer will work to meet your brief. Please note, we will only work with your pre-designed logo and colour choices. Before we print your new labels, you'll be sent digital versions to sign off. Above is a selection of label designs that we have created with some of our customers.

How much do I need to spend to have my own labels on my products?
To qualify for our free design service, we ask that your order totals at least £250 (before VAT), to have your branded labels created for your products and packaging.

What is the lead time for the bespoke label service?
We aim to dispatch your order at least eight weeks from the date the order is placed. If you are a new customer, you will be asked to pay for your order on receipt of a sales order/proforma - the sooner this is paid, the sooner the team can make a start on your designs. Please keep an eye on your inbox to answer any questions the team may have. Busy times (such as Christmas) can have longer lead times - if you are looking to have Christmas products, we recommend that you place your order in July.

How do I send my logo to you?
Please send your logos and artwork to us in PDF or 300dpi jpeg format. We ask that your logo is original to you, we cannot print artwork that is in breach of copyright.

Can I change my mind or update my branding?
If an initial label design takes more than two working hours we may charge a fee of £25 per hour thereafter. Once your label designs are set, you are able to change them periodically, normally after 12 months and once a year thereafter. If you should re-brand and want to change your design more often, or create a new set of branded labels we will charge £25 per hour for this service. Please note, that unless you tell us differently, all subsequent orders will be printed with the last approved designs held on file for you.

I don't want to have my own branding just yet, is that okay?
Of course, all our Private Label products can be packaged with one of our 4 Heaven Scent branded designs: Heritage Range, Cream Botanical, Pink Botanical and Classic White (see above for examples). You are able to select which one you would like on each candle you order.

Can I change the aroma names? Or leave them off completely and have a message?
You are able to rename aromas as long as it's made clear at the time of ordering which aroma is going to have which aroma name (there is an option for this on each product page when you order) however there are a few limitations. For example, we cannot use aroma names which contain trademarked or copyrighted words or phrases which are owned by other people or organisations (for example, 'Champagne', 'Just Do It!'). When it comes to the essential oil aroma range, the aromas can be renamed as long as it is done in a way which isn't misleading. For example, it cannot be claimed that an essential oil candle contains any aroma oil that is not part of the blend.

What legal information must my products have?
When we print the labels for your products, we will also print the brand trading name, address and product weight or volume, in addition to the CLP legal information. This has to be on the back of boxes and unboxed products, plus on the vessel holding the candle or reed - due to trading standards regulations, the CLP, safety & traceability information has to be visible on the outer packaging when the product is placed normally on a shelf for display. The CLP information is about the chemical components in essential and fragrance oils in products regarding their safe handling and disposal. We will alter your artwork where it is necessary to be compliant with these rules and regulations. 

Can I use my own labels?
We are more than happy to supply unlabelled products to you - we can send the CLP information for you to print on the back labels of your products. We will need to see your label proofs to ensure that they are compliant with Trading Standards laws, before we can release the products to you.

Can I have my own printed boxes instead of labels?
We use a third-party company for this, and we are happy to manage this for you, please note this will incur extra charges and minimum order quantities. Please call our sales team on 01225 868788 for more details and prices.

For more information regarding bespoke labels call 01225 868788 and speak to one of our friendly Design Team.