Discover Heaven Scent's new botanical wax melts. Our 20g puck melts and mini melts are all hand-poured in our solar-powered factory using the finest vegan, paraben-free wax and topped with beautiful, sustainably sourced botanicals. 

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  heaven-scent-natural-vegan-soy-wax-melts-solo-side-attar-rose-vsmall.jpg -heaven-scent-natural-vegan-melts-mini-attar-rose.jpg.jpg

Attar Rose
An intoxicating aroma encapsulating the beauty of gentle, soft summer roses offers a nurturing scent evocative of sunny gardens and vintage bouquets. Topped with a beautiful rose bud.
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   heaven-scent-natural-vegan-soy-wax-melts-solo-side-black-pom-vsmall.jpg heaven-scent-natural-vegan-soy-melts-mini-black-pom.jpg

Black Pomegranate
The complex aromas of our best-selling scent, Black Pomegranate, include top notes of lemon, pink pepper and cardamom, heart notes of clove, lily, apple, plum and raspberry, all carried on base notes of tobacco, cedarwood and musk. Topped with crushed pomegranate petals.
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  heaven-scent-natural-vegan-soy-wax-melts-solo-side-lavender-vsmall.jpg heaven-scent-natural-vegan-soy-melts-mini-lavender.jpg

The unmistakable delicate aroma of this essential oil from English lavender plants that is floral and herbal, sweet and woody has been used for centuries to treat many ailments. Topped with dried lavender buds from the fields of the UK and France.
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   heaven-scent-natural-vegan-soy-wax-melts-solo-side-lily-hibiscus-vsmall.jpg heaven-scent-vegan-soy-wax-melts-mini-lily-hibi.jpg

Lily & Hibiscus
Top notes of fresh cucumber are balanced with grapefruit, eucalyptus and hits of the the sea, with rich floral base notes of waterlily, rose, freesia and violet, on a sweet base of musk, amber & sandalwood. Topped with dried Hibiscus flowers.
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   heaven-scent-natural-vegan-soy-wax-melts-solo-side-orange-blossom-vsmall.jpg heaven-scent-natural-vegan-soy-wax-melts-mini-orange-blos.jpg

Orange Blossom
A zingy, mouth-watering combination of clementine, mandarin and orange zest, complemented with heart notes of soft fruit and herbs on a floral base. Topped with dried blossom petals.
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  heaven-scent-natural-vegan-soy-wax-melts-solo-side-peony-vsmall.jpg heaven-scent-vegan-soy-melts-mini-selection-peony.jpg

The unmistakeable aroma of peonies is complemented with citrus top notes, complex mid tones of pepper and rich floral notes of jasmine, lily, magnolia violet and rose, all carried on a warm base of sandalwood, amber, musk and vetiver.
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  heaven-scent-natural-vegan-soy-wax-melts-solo-side-white-jasmine-vsmall.jpg heaven-scent-natural-vegan-wax-melts-mini-white-jasmine.jpg

White Jasmine
A wonderful fresh sent with citrusy top notes of orange and bergamot, on floral heart notes of magnolia and jasmine, complemented with base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, benzoin and vanilla.
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