The great incense revival

Incense is going through something of a resurgence and is again becoming a popular way for people to add fragrance to their homes. While incense is used the world over in religious settings, where burning these fragrant sticks is thought to aid meditation, more people are now burning it to fill their rooms with their favourite aromas.

Evidence of incense burning has been discovered in China and Egypt dating back over the last four millennia at least, but its use could date even further back to neolithic times - probably to ward off evil spirits, as part of spiritual rituals or even just to scent living areas to make them more pleasant to live in.

Incense Card Pack

It’s fair to say we at Heaven Scent are experts in Incense. The company was founded 30 years ago when Daniel Pettitt sold incense sticks into shops all over the country, soon adding candle, reed and body product products to the brochure. Incense has always been at the heart of the company and is a product we’re very proud to produce and sell.

Modern Style

Recently we’ve seen a huge uptake in incense sales with stockists who have dipped their toes in to expand on their candle and diffuser ranges noticing how well it is selling and receiving many return customers. While long-time stockists are placing repeat orders more frequently. It seems that Incense, once associated with 70’s student digs and ‘flower power’ connotations, has become fashionable in the most sophisticated of homes. Paired with beautiful incense holders, they can become part of the interior decoration worthy of photos in stylish home interior magazines.

Made in the UK

Heaven Scent’s incense sticks have a bamboo core, surrounded by a treated and dyed hardwood pulp that absorbs fragrance oil and is designed to burn slowly. Our incense sticks are all hand dipped in our signature fragrance oils, at our solar-powered factory in the heart of Wiltshire. There are over 90 aromas to choose from, including traditional fragrances such as patchouli, nag champa and palo santo, to more modern black pomegranate, rhubarb & ginger and lime, basil & mandarin. For those that practice aromatherapy, we also offer a range of essential oil incense sticks with scents including lavender, patchouli & cedar, and relaxing.

In ancient times incense sticks were sometimes burned to mark the passing of time - perhaps to mark the duration of meditation sessions or religious ceremonies - and you can enjoy each of our incense sticks for up to 60 minutes when burned continually.

Why you should stock Heaven Scent incense

From loose incense sticks which can be displayed in vases or spaghetti jars on your shop counter, as well as in our dedicated point of sale FCC Certified cardboard stands; and card packs or glass vials available with your own branding we've got a way to suit your shop stories. We also have a great range of ceramic incense skis and plates.

Incense Card Pack Loose Incense Stands  Incense Vial StandIncense Glass Vials Heritage Incense Card Packs

Incense Care

  • Do not place incense sticks on porous surfaces such as wood, paint and fabric as the oils could cause staining.
  • Always use in a dedicated incense stand
  • Place stand on a stable surface and away from places where it can be knocked by children and pets.
  • Do not light incense near draping fabrics, loose clothing or other flammable items such as paper
  • Make sure the area is well ventilated to avoid a build up of smoke, an open window will help air circulation
  • Never leave a burning stick unattended - fully extinguish in a cup of cold water if you have to leave the room

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